6 growing business ideas

Business owners are often looking for effective growing business ideas. Many turn to others, such as a public relations company to give your business a boost. However, unless your business is making $150,000 a year, a pr firm wil not benefit you.

Here are 6 Growing Business Ideas you can implement today:

Number 1. Refresh Your Brand

Whether you own a storefront retail business or a company offering services, refreshing your brand will increase profitability. This could be as simple as updating your signage outside of your establishment or your website logo. Remember, a brand refresh doesn’t have to be really expensive. Start with a highly professional logo maker to get your design created the way you want.

Number 2. Start an Email Newsletter

Most small businesses are not doing enough to connect to existing customers. Easy-to-use, email marketing and automation for fast growing businesses. Send group email campaigns, automated messages and targeted newsletters with ease, with a no monthly fee, effective delivery into inbox, and an easy to use software, we recommend GroupMail. If you run a business that can offer a special promotion – make sure you include one in every e-newsletter. Or use it to send FREE Holiday or New Years e-greetings to your clients and customers.

Number 3. Create New Referral Sources

Get out there and network! Cultivate relationships that can lead to referrals. Start by attending events held or sponsored by your local business publication or website. Check your local paper for business event listings.

Number 4. Refresh Your Website

Many small businesses are guilty of having static websites. (FYI a static website is one that you put up a while ago, let’s say more than a year ago and you have not added one new update or change) Your search engine optimization is dependent on your website having FRESH and RELEVANT content. Get the services of an article writer to write the article the way Google search engine wants to rank your article, and you can do this for as little as $1.50 for 300 words or $5.00 for 1,000 words. Hire A Writer will help you.


Technology has advanced and now AI can write the article for you and in a matter of minutes you have a new article, the best service for this is Articoolo. First article is free, or 10 articles for $19.

Number 5. Differentiate with Superior Customer Service

Great customer service is the BEST PR and MARKETING you can do for your business. Even if you think your customer service is stellar, do something to add to it. Make sure you train employees to provide the best customer service possible. If you are in a service oriented business, have your representatives call your customers long after your work is done to make sure they are satisfied. If you have a retail business, do something extra for your customers when they visit your location. I can’t talk enough about my dry cleaner who brings my clothes to my car for me each time. His customer service is why I drive out of town to patronize his business.

Number 6. Advertise Online

You might hear people talking about search engine marketing or SEM. SEM can tremendously increase the visibility of your website in search engines. You can invest whatever amount of money in SEM that your business can afford. For instance, Google will give you a $100 credit, so to Bing. To get your Google Advertising credit, open a Google My Business Account, it is free and will also benefit your business.

Search engines such as Google and Bing provide step-by-step instructions to begin your SEM program. If you want more people to find your website, definitely start a search engine marketing campaign. Don’t use budgetary issues as an excuse. Remember you have to spend money to make money.



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