Black Friday Marketing Strategy

Not only retail but service businesses can benefit from a Black Friday Marketing Strategy.

In your yearly planning, this one holiday shopping season is not to be missed and it is the time to figure out if you should have a holiday promotion to dovetail off of the fervor.

A health and wellness spa owner had the following to say about the infamous “Black Friday” or the day after Thanksgiving shopping day. This is the time that retail stores offer door buster prices to get the holiday buyers in the holiday spending mood.

She explained that traditionally – everyone is shopping and not thinking of going to the spa. Although that may be true, but she needed to give people a reason to come to her spa. She come up with a special for both the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving to give clients a reason to come to her spa. The promotion worked a charm, sales increased for services and gift cards.

Small business owners should implement “built-in events” to promote their business. Black Friday is a built-in event for promotion. Here are the top three reasons for non-retail businesses to do a promotion on Black Friday:

Media Awareness

Each year major news outlets around the nation talk about “Black Friday” at least one week leading to the noted day. You don’t have to drum up the excitement – the media does that for you each year like clock work. This is free folks! Plus, you can always count on the big retailers to build excitement with consumers.

Your Customers Are Not Working

Most consumers do not work the day after Thanksgiving. It could be that their employers have closed their office or they take the day off. Either way, this is a guaranteed Friday that people are available to do anything they want and that could be to patronize your establishment.

Competitive Advantage

Your competitors may not think of doing a promotion for “Black Friday,” so you will have the competitive edge up.

Here are few businesses that I believe can profit from “Black Friday” Marketing Campaigns:

  • Automotive Service Centers
  • Any Service Business
  • Personal Trainers
  • Restaurants
  • Salons and Spas

Most businesses can effectively promote their business during built-in events like “Black Friday.” Just make sure you come up with your marketing campaign before your competitor does!



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