Hiring A Competitor's Employee

Why Haven’t You Hired Your Competitors’ Best People Yet?

In a down economy, and if you notice that after two years, the best people in their fields have remained employed. You may want to consider hiring a competitor’s employee. Because this means your competitors right now have a secret weapon against your company. These are people who made through several rounds of layoffs because they could not be spared. Employee poaching is quite common and effective when done the right way.

Why haven’t you tried to woo these superstars away?

Best Business Mastery Tip #1: If you tried to get them three years ago you may not have been able to afford them. However, many people have taken salary reductions to stay employed. They also may have become disenchanted watching their employer fumble through the recession. Now is your time to get the best people in your industry and geographical market on your team. This is very crucial for sales and marketing oriented employees who can help you grow your business.

How to form teams with the right stuff

Sure, you know all about team management, but do you know how to build a winning team? That’s about picking the right people from the get-go. Here’s how:
1. Have diversity. You need visionaries, leaders, implementers, and infrastructure builders and supporters. Visionaries see in the long-term. Leaders have the ability to make their mission everyone else’s, and inspire and motivate people. Implementers are best at making things happen. And builders and supporters create the processes and procedures to keep it running.
2. Pick people with the right attributes.
That includes:
• Intelligence. Get the smartest people on the team.
• Track record. They don’t have to have MBAs. They just need a background of getting things done. Results.
• Cooperation. On a grade-school report card, that reads “plays well with others.”
3. Look for the right people. FYI- that would be those who have kept their jobs during the worst recession the U.S. has seen in years.

Best Business Mastery Tip#2: The best way to find the right people is by talking to as many people as possible in and outside your company. Keep your eyes and ears open for people at industry events and trade organizations where you go to market who have the right stuff. Get to know them, their goals, and aspirations.

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Hiring A Competitor's Employee


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