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Getting free publicity can happen many ways. Business owners at some stage ask the question “How To Get Free Publicity For Your Small Business” there are two examples in this article to give you some ideas. Engaging your staff and customers is the key.

There have been many times when customers stopped patroning a store or service company because of horrendous customer service. Whether your small business is part of a large franchise or you run your own business – your customer service is a major part of your small businesses brand, marketing and public relations strategy.

There was once a car commercial? It was a start-up brand that built its reputation on superior customer service. Commercials showed customers enjoying themselves while shopping for a that car.

They were treated with respect, given food to eat and were taken care of even after their purchase. The car company focused on its “no haggle” pricing to appeal to consumers who just wanted to go into one of their dealerships to buy a car. People who had good customer service shared their experience with others, becoming what I have coined “public relations ambassadors.”

There is a medical spa in New Jersey. The owner is super sensitive to the quality of her customer service. I walked in to receive a treatment one day and there was no one at the front desk to greet me. I could not find a single employee. I thought: “What if I was a new customer coming in for information about receiving a service?”

I decided that I would have walked out just as fast as I walked in. I mentioned this to my client and explained to her that if the front desk person needed to leave her post, she needed some sort of sign on the reception desk telling people to have a seat and that someone will be there shortly.

Start building your customer service public relations machine by making sure the people who answer your phones are informed about your company and most importantly know how to work your phone system. It is easy to deter new customers if their calls are dropped because the receptionist doesn’t know how to put calls through voicemail. Make sure temporary employees have access to phone directories and instructions on how to use your telephone system. Make sure they are told how to greet callers and guests.

If you train your employees to properly engage customers and provide superior customer service, you will have customers and clients who become your very own public relations ambassadors.


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