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“Growth Demands More Growth” – Superior Nut Company

Reputation Management is often over looked, but it plays a powerful part in increasing profitability. In this reputation management example, Superior Nut Company got its start in the basement of a movie theater in Somerville, Massachusetts in 1929. Diversifying its product line and expanding its operations worldwide over the succeeding decades, the company is now housed in a modern four-story plant in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Today, Superior Nut Company provides a wide variety of nuts and specialty nut candies to businesses and consumers. Despite Superior Nut Company’s accomplishments, no business, no matter how successful, can afford to rest on its laurels. So the company launched its online store – – to sell directly to consumers and businesses by using the Internet as a new channel.

According to Hicham Chraibi, manager of the online store, the site initially flourished. However, in order to maintain growth and attract new customers in the face of increasing competition, Chraibi knew he would have to employ a new online strategy. “We looked at advertising and other avenues, but nothing we were using was functional enough. We needed something that could put us directly in touch with our customers, and provide us with enough options so that we could connect quickly and efficiently with them, and really find out what they thought of us.”

Superior Nut Company Takes Control of Its Online Reputation

A small business owner, Chraibi, was driving home from work when he heard about Bronc Marketing Social Media and Reputation Management tool, on a local radio news program. He recalls, “The radio program described an online solution that would let us collect, manage, and promote customer reviews [of our products and services] – and improve consumer confidence and trust – all in a single, easy-to-use platform…I signed up the same day. Additionally, we can drive consumer awareness through promotional tools in social media”

Challenge: Superior Nut Company sought to increase sales on its e-commerce site by cultivating its existing satisfied customers, posting the positive reviews of these customers for new prospects to see, and gaining insight into the hidden needs of the company’s customer and prospect base.

Solution: Superior Nut Company has integrated the Bronc Marketing platform into its online store environment, and as a result the company has been able to take control of and promote its online reputation to new prospects. In so doing, the company is better able to serve existing customers and convert more browsing prospects to buyers.

Results: During the period in a one year period, Superior Nut Company’s Internet sales more than doubled. What’s more, with the addition of positive customer reviews to the e-commerce site, together with Bronc Marketing’s moderated Dispute Resolution Process, more and more browsing prospects became buyers. In on month, for example, 6% of unique visitors to the online store were buyers. The following year, during the same month, after implementing Bronc Marketing, fully 9% of unique visitors to the online store were now buying: a growth rate of 50%.

Feedback from Superior Nut: “Satisfied Customers Market Our Brand for Us”
Before integrating Bronc Marketing with their online store, Superior Nut Company had run into some issues using another method to post customer testimonials. “Our old testimonial page was hard to manage and it really provided a lot less value for consumers visiting our site because the testimonials weren’t authenticated [as Bronc Marketing-managed consumer reviews are] and they were also outdated,” says Chraibi. “Now, with Bronc Marketing, we don’t even have to think about it. We know our visitors are seeing fresh, relevant testimonials when they click on that page. It sounds old-fashioned, but satisfied customers market our brand for us: Bronc Marketing just provides us with the tools to be able to reach them and get them to interact with us.”

According to an interview with Chraibi published in The Wall Street Journal, recent statistics indicate that more than 10% of unique visitors to the Superior Nut Company online store end up placing an order – compared to just 2-3% three years ago. “When browsing prospects read our customer reviews, it helps convert more visitors into buyers, and the more buyers we are able to keep as regular customers, the more we grow,” Chraibi says enthusiastically. The Bronc Marketing platform has “really been an effective sales, marketing and customer service tool for us.”


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